Owlishly Crafty

by thecraftaholic

This week’s tutorial round up was inspired by my love of owls and owl objects. I love owls! Owls are cute, and in shaman spirit medicine represent wisdom and clairvoyance (among other things). Owls have great intuition and follow their instincts, and never doubt themselves. Owls are carnivores, which means that they can put up a good fight, if necessary. That’s why I love owls. I try to surround myself with them as much as I can.
Here’s some fun owl crafts for you!

So cute!

It’s a scarflette! Adorable! You could easily crochet the edges too, if you wanted to. You could probably make it as a headband also. Nice!
The next one makes me want to dust of my broken sewing machine! I WANT it! Who’s going to make this one for me, hm? Anyone?

I want it. Now.

Another love of mine. How cute!

This one is so cute! I myself am a card maker, so I had to throw in a card tutorial or two. I love this one! You can recycle old CDs with it!

I also love how this person’s blog banner is handmade by paper! How cool is that!

This next one is so cool! It’s a little book!

Cute, cute!

And if you are lacking inspiration, mosey over to Createforless or Etsy to check out their selection of owl themed craft supplies!
My personal favorite was this item from Etsy seller Nakpunar. I love this.