The Importance of a good friend

by thecraftaholic

I see this video and I think about how important it is to have a good friend. As a mom, and artist, and a wife, I often have so much going on, that I end up in “hibernation” as it were. Living in the city, it can be easy to just put yourself in a rut. We get so involved in our families.
I think about the book “Crafternoon” by Maura Madden. What a great book, illustrating the importance in a good craft community. It’s empowering and inspirational and motivating when I get together with my knitting friends at the Park Slope Knitting Circle, or when I meet up with my friends, or with my meetup group.
A meeting with a friend today gave me an idea for which direction I want my art to go in. How empowering and inspiring it can be to get together with crafty friends! For this reason, countless craft groups have been formed!
So surround yourself with positive creative people! Don’t get stuck in the everydayness of life. Get out there, and get crafty with others. You won’t be sorry.