Wish Box

by thecraftaholic

Here’s a wish box I recently made for a swap that I’m in. I took a box and covered it with some pretty handmade paper, and decorated it with sticky ribbon, and flocked the word Wish on it.
Also filled it with a few goodies.
So much fun!
A wish box is something fun to make for yourself or a friend. The idea is, that you take a box and make it a representation of yourself and your desires. Decorate it however you wish, and then fill it with things that represent what you want to attract to yourself.
Obviously, you can put a dollar bill in there. Or you can put an owl figure, to represent wisdom. If you want to buy a house, you can put a little monopoly house. A white tea candle can represent peace. Just fill it with what you want. Make it your box. Add a fortune from a fortune cookie. Add a picture of you and your loved one when you were happiest. A figure of a baby, if you’re trying to have a baby. Then put the box in a special place. I put mine in the window sill, next to my saint Barbara and Saint Jude.
Every few months or so, clean out your box. You can keep a scrapbook, and scrap the things that you remove from your box.
Things change and desires change, so it’s good to go through your box every couple months or so.
This is a fun crafty project that you can do, that incorporates healing and the law of attraction.