by thecraftaholic

What is our purpose in life? I’ve been thinking about this recently, after mourning the death of Mr. Michael Jackson. I was quite the fan.
Often we sit like a child in front of the massive ocean, just wondering what it is we are supposed to do with ourselves in life. It’s hard to come to one conclusion sometimes.
We should take example from someone like Micheal Jackson, or Frida Kahlo, and think about what it is that we are to do in life. They did what came naturally to them. What comes naturally to you? Is it art? Think about what comes naturally to you. It may just be being a mother. Or a crafter. Or it could be a teacher.

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet, and truly discover yourself.
It takes a while, but while you knit, crochet, make cards and scrapbooks or sew, think about it. Create your legacy within your community and your world.
Soon you’ll find yourself smiling in the sun.