by thecraftaholic

So instead of cupcakes, I am this time in the mood for butterflies. I love butterflies!
So I thought it’d be nice to feature some butterfly crafts.
Butterflies are symbols of growth and change for the better. It’s something that reminds you that although times are hard, there will be a time when you can spread your wings and fly-like a beautiful butterfly.
So the first tutorial was this beautiful mobile!
How cute is this, really?

Here’s a link to the tutorial Part 1 and Part 2.
I love this mobile alot. It’s nice because it doesn’t just have to be for your child, you can totally make this for yourself. Of course, for a child, you could attach little jingle bells at the end, to add a little extra something for your little one.

Of course, you could make this beautiful mobile with a butterfly punch, courtesy of Martha Stewart, whom I love.

I love this little butterfly! How cute! It’s a clothespin! What a fun project.

Then I found this oh so cute tutorial for a butterfly shaped cookie! It looks so amazing, I wouldn’t want to eat it afterward! I’d just want to sit there, and admire my handiwork.

And how cute is this little beaded butterfly. You can use him to make all sorts of fun jewelry pieces!

And of course, I saved the best for last. How beautiful is this? It’s a napkin ring! Beautiful! I am amazed! Wow. The artist who created this is Jerri Jimenez, and if you visit her blog, she has lots more fun projects that are mostly centered on her love of rubber stamping.
Hope you like my little weekly round up of tutorials! I had fun putting it together with you!