by thecraftaholic

I get so excited for recycled crafts. I love them of course, because it’s so cheap. Plus it’s good for the environment, which is always a plus.
I love this candy wrapper bracelet!
What a fun tutorial!

And of course, there is a tutorial on making your own candy wrapper purses! This gets me so giddy! There are whole businesses dedicated to making and selling these bags. So make your own!

And of course, I love love love this purse! What a fun idea, and a great way to recycle your soda cans! What a cool idea.

Oh my goodness, how cute is this? It’s a bag made from a cassette tape! That is awesome! You can go to the thrift store and purchase those old kid’s tapes! Awesome!

And this is really cool. How awesome would it be to make a purse like this?

I hope these tutorials inspire you to create something lovely and eco friendly!