Flower Child

by thecraftaholic

So here’s a set of cards I made for a swap I have coming up. I had fun with this one. I had the card stock precut, from a kit I received, and then aged the edges with a nail file. Then I had a circle punch that I used, to cut some circles out, then added the cute felt embellishments.
This was a fun and easy project. I loved it!

In other news, I’ve been reading up on Ayurvedic Medicine recently. I stumbled upon this website, where you can find out what your dosha is, and figure out the best foods for your personality type. Nice, right?

Another cool thing is this beautiful wallet!
I love it! I want it! I must have it! It’s so cute. I went to my husband’s stepfather’s house yesterday for father’s day (of course, with my husband and daughter, and extended family). My sister in law was sporting this cute wallet and I just fell in love! It’s so cute. You can find it at a shop in Manhattan and Brooklyn, called Exit 9, or of course, visit their website.