Project: How to make Paper

by thecraftaholic

I am the paper supply queen. I really am. So recently, I wanted to buy some handmade paper, so I can make some lovely wedding invitations for the shop. Instead though, I decided to be eco friendly, and make my own! It’s cheaper to just buy the envelopes, and make my own paper. I’m so excited about this new endeavor, that I’ve posted a tutorial for you all!
The nicest thing is that I had an old Speedball Silk screen kit that I used. You are going to need something called a Deckle. I just used my old Speedball silk screen, since I now have a very cool Yudu to use.
You’ll also need a paper shredder, and a few bowls. Also a basin, or just a good working sink with a stopper.

So here’s the tutorial, without any further avail.

Making Handmade paper

1. The first step, is to shred those old credit card bills, and junk mail that you have laying around. It’s bad feng shui to have clutter, so go through your paperwork, and shred it up!

2. The next step, is to soak the paper in water. You can soak it overnight, or just for a half an hour or so.

3. After that, you’ll need to take the paper, and blend it in a blender. Make sure it becomes a nice pulp.

4. The next step is to get your deckle (or in my case, a silk screen). You’re going to add the pulp to the screen, and fill the sink about 1″ above the deckle. Basically, what you want to do, is smooth the pulp over the screen, so that it starts to look like it could be a piece of paper when dry. The more pulp you add, the thicker the paper. Easy does it on the water. This is a trial and error kind of a project, and it’s cheap enough that it doesn’t matter if you mess up the first time.
At this point tho, you can add little flower petals, seeds, herbs or glitter.

5. Now you’re going to place your deckle on a flat surface, making sure it’s not tilted. Now you might want to lay out a towel on a flat surface, and just sponge out the excess moisture from the deckle. Since I used a silk screen, I just layed it out on top of the towel, and lightly tapped it out.

6. Dry it up! Let it dry, typically overnight. I used a knife to get the paper out from the edges. Carefully lift it out.
Voila! Handmade paper!