Project: Buddha Prayer Necklace

by thecraftaholic

So here’s a cool and spiritual thingamajig I just made. I bought a whole bunch of these cute buddha pendants, and just made a Y shape necklace. I love it! I have always wanted to do a bit of jewelry, and so I figured it’d be fun to make a necklace.
I was really inspired by the catholic rosaries that I collect. I’m not catholic, but I love and collect catholic figures and things like rosaries and such. It’s fun. I collect lots of things, you’ll come to know.
Prayer necklaces are nice ways to remind us to take a few minutes out of our day, to just be aware of a higher power. Prayers and mantras empower us to make our lives better.

This is a pretty easy necklace to make!

All you need is:

Jewelry Thread
Sead Beads and Glass Beads
A nice pendant

This is quite simple. String the beads along in a pattern to your taste. I just went in the order of the bead box I had. Then I had these nice pink glass beads, so I used about 10 of those for each new color pattern. Then when I got to the Y part, I simply tied a knot, leaving lots of extra thread, to make the Y. Then I strung some more beads, and attached the pendant. That’s all!
Try to think of colors that please you. If you really want it to aid you in prayer or meditation, be mindful of colors and your intentions. Just use your intuition.
I didn’t need a clasp because the necklace is long enough to fit over my head.