Art or Craft?

by thecraftaholic

A stroll with a friend yesterday prompted me to think about the line between art and craft. When does crafting become art? Is it art?
I think so.
I have some friends who are classically trained artists-they went to art school, etc. For some reason, they never seem to consider what I do an art. Not all of them, mind you, but crafting is new to the art world. So some times people think of crafting, and they think it’s just something their grandmother can do.
The truth is my brand of crafting takes thought, and planning. I’m not crocheting doilies here people. And even if I was, it would be fine for me to still call myself an artist. What is a craft? I guess when I define crafting, it would just be this-a crafted item is an item that is useful. Something like like a handmade wallet, pair of earrings, a hat, or knitted item. Am I wrong? But that’s what I consider a hand craft. An item that serves a purpose other than just adornment. And Art is something that just sits pretty. But what happens when you create an item that sits pretty, and serves a purpose? Is it art? or is it craft?
It depends on you, and what it is for you. For me, what I create, is an art. Everything i make is art for me, and I consider myself an artist.
It is intimidating sometimes to be around someone who went to art school because for me, none of my art school friends think of making cards and hats an art. But I do. They don’t have to validate what I know to be true. I just seek within, and know that I make beauty with my hands. The truth is, art is everywhere. Art is nature. It’s the birds flying, the children laughing, the woman pregnant. So yes, I make art. I make functional, beautiful art. Don’t get it twisted.