A Crafty NYC Tour

by thecraftaholic

So recently I was on twitter, and read the Crafty Chica’s request for fun places to visit in San Fransisco. I thought about how I would LOVE to take her on a tour through NYC.
So this got me to thinking…where would I take her? New York City is so amazing, it really has everything. Living here, you can have the suburbs, the ocean and the hustle and bustle all in one.
So, here’s a post of my crafty places to visit, for those of you who ever decide to come out to the Big Apple.
The first place you should go to, is Pearl Paint. It’s got like 5 floors, plus the pathetic Craft Store in the back alley. It’s worth the visit, if you’ve never been there, even though their prices are a bit high. But you do get a 10% student discount. So that’s something. And it’s a huge store, so it’s fun to look around.
While you’re in the area, stop in Pearl River, which is just amazing. This is another huge store, and is so much fun to browse! They have 2 floors of endless asian wonderment. Anything from vitamins, to t shirts is what you’ll find here.
Also in chinatown, is a store I keep hearing about and never have the chance to venture into. It’s P & S Fabrics in Chinatown.
While your at it, just take a walk around china town, and see what cool stores you’ll find there. Go deep inside the side streets, not just on broadway. You’ll find so many interesting stores deep in chinatown! There’s even a little park, for when the little ones get ancey.
If you’re a knitter, you will not be short of yarn shoppes. There are quite a few here in the 5 boroughs. I have a few of my personal favorites. One of my old favorites was the Point, but sadly, they closed their doors!
Another good one is Purl Soho. I love this store for their selection of wool yarns. The store itself makes you want to purchase yarns. Truly. And, a few doors down, they have a fabric store! Gotta love that.
Also, as a tourist, you’ll have fun browsing around the area, and looking at the fun boutiques.
There’s also the Lion Brand Studio, if you like their yarns. It’s a cute little shop, with a bit of everything.
If you’re a rubber stamper, you can check out the Ink Pad. This is one store I have yet to venture into. It’s chock full of everything you need for stamping and scrapping!
One more very awesome, very cool rubber stamp store is Casey Rubber Stamps. This place is SOO worth the trip! This old man owns the shop, let’s you use his ratty bathroom, and makes all his own designs of rubber stamps. It’s really cool, he has a huge selection of rubber stamps to choose from.
You will also of course, want to take a walk around the Garment District. You’ll discover some fabric stores, bead shoppes, and so much more!
You will of course, want to visit Mood Fabrics, the store featured in Project Runway.
Then, head downtown, and go to Canal Street. You’ll want to visit P&S Fabrics, and Pearl Paint. You should just go to pearl just so you said you went there. I personally prefer Dick Blick.
Why? Dick Blick has a wonderful selection, and a great staff that knows what you need.
That’s all for Manhattan that I could think of, but there some great stores in brooklyn that you can venture out to.
Brooklyn is such an amazing place, because there are so many cultures, so many areas and fun places to go.
There is a very cool space called Spacecraft Brooklyn. It’s a craft store!
Nestled in Bushwick Brooklyn, this store is THE craft store. Not only can you get awesomely unique art and craft supplies, but you can also walk in and make a pair of earrings. Or a Lino Block Print. Or learn to knit.
They’ve even been on Martha Stewart, how cool is that?
There is a cool store for fibers of all kinds over in park slope called Fiber Notion.
This store is located in the lovely Park Slope area of brooklyn, which is The place for restaurants, bars, or a just a stroll through the park.
Now, brace yourself. Not only do they have the most wonderful selection of fabrics, felt, and quilting supplies, but it’s also right around the corner from my favorite Mexican restaurant, called “La Taqueria”. Awesomeness on a plate, I tell you.
Then, you can head over to Seventh Avenue Art Supplies, which is also in Park Slope.
This is more of a fine art type supply store, but you can also find some cool jewelry supplies and such. Plus, you get great, friendly service by a person who knows their stuff.
Another cool store is Brooklyn General, which is truly a yarn shop. It’s lots of fun to look around in tho, and they do have a lovely selection. It’s in a cool part of brooklyn, so while you look for it, discover another part of Brooklyn.
While you’re in brooklyn, take the F train to Carrol Street, and just look around. Brooklyn Heights is a lot of fun and if you keep walking down smith street, you’ll find the Brooklyn Bead Box, which is a fun store.
Brooklyn Heights is more of a “grab a cup of coffee and do window shopping” kind of place, to me. But it’s a fun place to hang out, and is quite family friendly.
Then, if you’re feeling low in yarn, head over to La Casita Yarns, which is in that area as well, and grab yourself a savory empanada and a coffee right in the yarn shop! YES, really.
That’s all I can think of! Although, if you are feeling adventurous, you can venture out to Sunset Park brooklyn, and walk on 5th avenue.
Sunset Park is a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in brooklyn. You can find some cool little mexican shops there, with loads of imported Mexican goodies.
You can also find some fun Botanicas, if you’re into the esoteric.
To get to Sunset Park, just take the N or R to 36th Street, and walk up to 5th avenue.