My Confessional: I’m a shopaholic. Seriously.

by thecraftaholic

Along with being a craftaholic, I am also a shopaholic. I cannot resist a nice trinket, especially when the price is right. That’s why I’m so excited to have found some cool craft suppliers and crafters on Etsy! I do purchase my supplies online from some popular companies, but I also love to support other etsy artists just as much as I love to be supported.

So I just bought this cool pack of paper from Mary Mata. Love it! I’m not even a pink kinda girl, but I am a sucker for cute looking papers. Nice, right?

I also just got this ultra cute wallet! Adorable!! I loved it so much, and it came with free shipping!

And of course, to add to my owl collection, this cute little charm. I’m telling you, the more I browse, the more cool stuff I see.
I’m going to try and post more cool finds, as I gather them. Hope you like my finds!
I enjoyed gathering them for you, trust me. Sometimes I have to stop myself from going on Etsy. For reals yo.
It’s a sickness.

The Craftaholic