Butterflies Mini Dress Form

by thecraftaholic

So I just made this cute thingamagic for a swap. Cute, right? I love it! I loved making it! I call it a thingamagig, because I have no idea what to really call it.
It was so simple to make!
I just used the little plain paper mache dress form, and decoupaged some pages from a magazine over it.
Then I went and cut out some butterflies from some pretty card stock, and stuck them on with some pop up glue dots.
The inside was cut out with a knife. I had such a hard time cutting it, but oh! It looks cute.
I had some fake grass, and a plastic flower. Add a cute little paper fairy inside, and presto!
It’s for a swap, with a fairy theme, but I couldn’t think of anything! This was what came to me to create for my swap partner. I hope she likes it.

The Craftaholic