Reflections on Motherhood

by thecraftaholic

Oh my goodness. What a full weekend! Jesus! Saturday we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. She’s two years old now. Amazing. I wanted to have a craft for the kiddies, but we ended up being so busy, that we didn’t have time to set anything up. We had a full house of kids and parents! It was nice, but hectic.

Sunday was mother’s day, so we went out into the city for a nice stroll which I love doing. I had the best belgian waffles with nutella and strawberries. I wrote a bit this weekend also.
Projects to work on this week will include some carved stamps for some commision work, another altered memory book, and some new tags for the shop. These will be cute ones, to attach to your handmade work.
Yesterday being Mother’s Day, I am prompted to think about how mother hood has truly changed me.
Before I had my daughter, i feel like I was living in a cloud, oblivious to everything. It was only when I had her that I realized I needed to focus on what I wanted, in order to realize my dreams. She woke me up from this cloud, where I only dreamed my wishes. I guess I could blame others, and tell you that I was never really taught to pursue anything, that I was taught a lot of religiousness, but why should one really put others to blame for something?
I battled with sadness and depression. Sick of a lifelong battle, I decided to heal myself through yoga and meditation. As I grew into myself, and into my spirituality, I discovered that I could integrate art and creativity with healing and spirituality. I’m thankful that my daughter inadvertanly helped me discover this. It’s an amazing path, the one I’m on. The best part of the path, is not the destination, but the journey.
Healing is an amazing thing. I love being in the creative zone, and I think that is what heals. Being in that zone, deciding to chanel those feelings you struggle with into something creative.

The Craftaholic