Making an Altered Memory Book

by thecraftaholic

So today is quite a rainy day, and perfect weather for crafting!
Here’s a cool little tutorial for you, on making an altered memory book.

You’ll need:
One memory book, blank with hard cover
One Day of the Dead Wedding Stamp (and brown or black ink)
Ribbons and Fibers
Pretty Posies
Glue Stick
Brown Craft Paper
Maya Road Stamps-“Defined” -(the word love)
Sequins or other shiny embellishments
Newspaper, or pages from a book (unwanted of course)
Some pretty cardstock-should match with the posies, I think.
Pop up glue dots
Some mini envelopes (can make them, or buy them)

So the first thing you’ll do is rip up some newspaper paper, or pages from a book. I know it seems terrible to rip up a book, so choose a book that you know you don’t want or won’t read.
I made a border with it on the book, then centered a piece of pretty cardstock in the middle, as shown:

Then the next step would be stampin’ up, baby! You’re going to ink the stamp and stamp the image on some more pretty paper, and trim it, then glue it in the middle.
Then, on some craft paper, stamp the word Love, cut it out, and arrange it on the cover to your taste.
Glue the posies on with some glue dots.
If you have some sequins, buttons, or other shiny objects to use, do so now. I love these cool shiny stars I found at Micheal’s.
Then, the rest is easy! Cut some pretty fibers and tie them on the spiral binding.
Then for the inside, just glue some pretty paper on the inside.
I had some cute mini envelopes that I found here. Cute! The envelope is nice, so that a person could store some tickets, or sentimental trinkets.
When you’re done, it will look something like this!
Cute right? I loved making this, truly. I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial! I loved putting it together for you!