Sometimes the King really IS a woman

by thecraftaholic

I borrowed the above blog title from an artist, James De La Vega, of whom I am a major fan. The original quote is “Sometimes the King is a Woman”.
Being Latina, I love the fact that he’s an artist, and a Latino, and making a positive difference to the world around him. Reading his blog today, I got to thinking about a few things. It’s raining, and cold here, and I am quite bored.
So I decided to write about a few things I’ve been thinking about.
How do you repair a mistake? What do you do when you realize that all you’ve done is make a hot mess?
Sometimes life throws things at you. Sometimes you can’t be sure of what comes next. We try and try to plan out how our life should go, and it does not always work out to our benefit.
Some people think that life is planned out for us by a greater power. I believe that this could be true, but I do believe that we have the power to choose our destiny.
Living in New York, I see such an extreme of cultures and extremes of everything: faith, diet, fashion, economy. So much extreme. I’ve always prided myself in being a balanced person. As I stated before, I live in NYC. Of course, living here comes with much distraction. One becomes unbalanced, thrown off by the many extremes around you. It’s hard to find that place inside where you are at perfect peace with yourself.
Then of course, if you have a partner, you find yourself expecting this person to fullfil your silly needs. What is marriage anyway? To me, marriage is about spending your life with someone, and building a life with them. The Buddha talked so much about ego, and how it gets in the way of achieving Nirvana. And it does. We can have happy, healthy relationships when we decide to throw our ego away, and realize that no one has to fill my needs but me.
Putting one foot in front of the other, we can slowly move towards our goals. We may not reach them when we want to, but nonetheless, if we continue to tread forward, we can reach it. You cannot move towards destiny by constantly looking back. But we can fix our mistakes. The answer how is one we must ask ourselves.
That’s what I love about making art. You can start something, and repair your mistake. It’s never too late to paint over it and start over.

The Craftaholic