My Owl Collection

by thecraftaholic

So it’s cold and rainy today. I’m bored, and not going anywhere. I decided instead, to photography my owl collection!
I collect owl images. I love owls, so much. It makes me feel good inside somehow to look at owls. Perhaps I was an owl in a past life. Who knows?
Here’s a few pics from my collection.
This first one is a needlepointed owl, which I sadly did not make. I bought all my owls at yard sales. That’s what I love about summertime-the annual exursion into suburbia, to hunt out yard sales and thrift stores.

The next one is a cute white owl. I got these first two together.
The next one is a trivet. I can’t remember where I got him. It’s a him, because I feel like they keep me company. I am beginning to sound like a nut now. Don’t be scared. I’m nuts in a good way, not in the scary, stay away kind of way.
The next one was and is my husband’s find. Another one that I can’t remember where or when.

The next one is my favorite! I love miniatures, so here’s a little curio cabinet my mother bought me, with a few of my favorite owls.

My current favorite is the cloisonne owl. That was a gift from my husband. Sweet, eh? Next on my project, is designing an owl stamp much like the brown ones in this pic.
I do love owls. The more the better, I say!
I have a lot more owls. Somewhere in my apartment is an owl tote bag, stuffie, stamp sets, chipboard cut outs, and stickers. And papers. Somewhere.
Hope you enjoy viewing my collection as much as I do.