Dyeing to know you…Tie Dyeing Tutorial

by thecraftaholic

Ha! I kill me with these corny blog titles. I went to the thrift store today with my good friend Issy, and found this awesome skirt! Actually, it was plain white. But it’s so cute, and has a nice flair, so I decided to rescue it, and dye it. I always keep a couple boxes of RIT Dye just in case.
So I did it! I’m sorry I didn’t take any before pics. But here’s a few afters. It’s still wet, so when it’s dry, I’ll post some pics, and model it for you!

So, a quick tutorial for dying clothing:

It’s really simple. You’ll need a pot, a cup of salt, and a packet of RIT Dye, and some rubber bands.

Take your garment to be dyed, and Twist it up
Wrap your rubber bands around the clothing
Heat up some water, enough for the clothing to be saturated and “swim around” in
In the pot, add 1 cup of salt, and the packet of RIT Dye. Then, predissolve it with a bit of warm water.
Once the water (which you’ve been heating) is almost boiling, add it to the pot and stir
Then add your garment!
Stir it up, baby! You want to make sure it’s completely saturated with dye.
Leave it in until the garment reaches your desired color, up to 30 minutes while you bring it to a simmer. But honestly, I left mine in for about 10 minutes.
Then, take it out, and rinse it in cold water in the sink.
If you have a washing machine, you could just throw it in a cold water washing cycle, but alas, I live in a New York City apartment.
To dry, I have mine on the heater. You could also hang it up, of course, provided you have a nice backyard or something like that. But again, me and this New York City apartment.
I can’t wait until it’s dry! This was so much fun! And so quick!