Brooklyn Discoveries

by thecraftaholic

I’m doing my first street fair in years! Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Brooklyn Flea, peddling my wares. Truth be told, I am a bit nervous.
But I’m looking forward to it!
I’m in the middle of designing some really cute cotton cowls for the summer. You know, when you go to the beach, and the evening breeze lends itself the need for a light sweater? Well, these will be the answer. I’m using a beautiful cotton yarn, that just looks so pretty. I normally don’t care for cotton, but a friend wants me to custom design a cowl for the summer, so I thought of a nice cotton.

I finally discovered the Brooklyn General! I went there yesterday, to pick up some yarn to work with. What a cool store! Other than the store clerk blabbing away about someone’s dog, it was a cool store. Yarn everywhere. Literally.
What else? Not much to tell these days. Feeling a bit of writer’s block, actually.
I want to go roller skating! A friend told me about this Skate Club, called Crazy Legs, right here in brooklyn. I’m so excited! I am in dire need of a girls night out. It’s been a tough year, people.
now I want to order some skates!

And I’m saving my pennies for a much desired tattoo!!! YES! I finally am going to do it. A friend has a sister who is also a tattoo artist, and is coming to visit in June. So I’m going to save a little money and get a tattoo! YAY!!
I’ve wanted one for years. Never had the guts or the money. Now, I have both! Sort of.

The Craftaholic