Happy April!

by thecraftaholic

Well Happy April, everyone!
I’ve been really busy making little booklets and things for the upcoming Brooklyn Flea next week.
I have a whole bunch of cards just like the one pictured that I’ll be selling there. What else?
I have a photo shoot next week. I’m looking forward to getting my work photographed! Whatever doesn’t sell at the flea will go up on my etsy shop.
I am really excited about making new things for sale!
Hmmm….not much else to say, exept that I’m also working on designing more knitwear. It’s fun, but it’s hard work!
Happy April to everyone, by the way! I’m so excited for summer! I want to go rollerskating. And this year, I want to go to the Jersey Shore again. What plans do you have for the summer? Anything interesting?

The Craftaholic