by thecraftaholic

I’ve been thinking about weddings lately. I’m not much of a traditionalist at all, but I do love the idea of two people coming together and promising to stay by each other’s side.

I myself am really into folk art. Any kind of folk art will do. So I loved when my husband carved out this Day of the Dead wedding stamp out of rubber. Can you believe it? I’m so excited about. I love the way hand made stamps look, especially the fact that they don’t need much adornment, since they look beautiful just by themselves.
In the wedding mood? There’s plenty of cool things you could do at your wedding, if you’re in the mood for a Day of the Dead wedding theme.
You can of course, buy a hand carved stamp from yours truly, or carve one yourself! With the stamp, you can make your own invitations, thank you cards (although if you’re like me, you’ll completely forget the thank yous all together….)
Another idea for the day of the dead themed wedding is a cool cake topper. I would tell you how to make a nice one from clay, but alas, I am not a sculptor at all. I do love the sugar skulls, and I think that would be nice on a cake.
You can take small ones and adorn the different layers, and then perhaps a larger one on top, as a cake topper! You can make a pair, and adorn them according to the personalities of of the bride and groom.

Here’s a link to a sugar skull tutorial.
I love this idea so much, it makes me want to run out and get married again!

You could also get this cute cute fabric, and make…well, anything!
You can use it to make pretty napkins, or even a funky cool cumberbund for your dearest! You can make a cute clutch from it, or use it to adorn the pews of the church (if you’re marrying in a church).
Cute cute! Who would think that the Day of the Dead could be so cute?

The Craftaholic