Cuteness, Cuteness….

by thecraftaholic

So, I’m really excited about a few new projects I just finished! One of them is this beautiful cowl I made. I love it because it slouches, and you can use it as a small capelet as well. I love it. I really do. I made two of them, and one of them is for sale in my etsy shop. I’m not trying to compete with Walmart, kids. The price is well worth it.
Another thing I made is this ultra cute set of booklets. I love it!! I want to keep it, actually. I fell totally in love with it. It’s a set of two booklets with a matching bookmark. I made a whole bunch actually, and am listing this one for sale.
I am going to be at the brooklyn flea in April, so I’m trying to make a bunch of things. I’m also going to be at BUST Craftacular with the NewNew. I’m excited! I have to get cracking tho. I better bring a good amount of stuff, eh?
So here’s the booklet set I made:

I also recently listed that beautiful stamp set for sale! Yes folks, the day of the dead wedding stamp is for sale on my etsy shop! It’s custom carved for you.
I love this stamp so much.
Well kids, that’s all for now. It’s the Craftaholic signing off…