Her toothy smile. and my art supply stash.

by thecraftaholic

So now this is what she does when she knows she’s being photographed. How cute is she, huh?
She loves strawberries. This shot was taken in our living room, while hubby and I were bored. I haven’t been posting that much lately, so sorry about that. I’ve been distracted!
I have a clothing swap tonight, so I should probably go through my unwanted clothing and make sure I don’t donate anything ripped or anything.
I love love love clothing swaps. I do. Especially now that times are tough, it’s a fun way to shop without spending money, you know?
I am, speaking of swaps, up to my arms in swaps! I have to stop doing so many swaps, seriously.
They get addictive, but the problem is that you don’t always get in return the quality you send out. Then you get the annoying yentas that only know how to complain about every damn thing they get. Once I sent a lady a box FULL of stuff, and she only complained about it!
People complain too much, I think.
I’m really looking forward to a yarn dying class that I’m having. I ordered some lovely merino wool hand spun yarn from etsy, and we’re going to be hand dying this lovely yarn! I love it. I can’t wait to play around with hand dying. I will of course, keep it in my stash, and probably never use it, because I am, after all, a stasher. I stash. And I’m proud of it!
The nice thing about being a stasher, is that you find the coolest stuff when you’re cleaning up.
It’s really neat to go through your stuff and then find stamps and stickers from last year, or chipboard albums, and key rings, or domino pieces…amazing.
The thing I have alot of I just realized, is stickers. Why? I don’t even use them all that often. But I love stickers. I do.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off.