Fabulous Etsy Finds

by thecraftaholic

So today I thought I would blog about my favorites on etsy. I do have an etsy shop, and I have a few things for sale there, but I also love to support other etsy shops.
So I thought I’d show off a few of my recent Etsy splurges, and a few things on my wish list.
One thing that I absolutely love is this cute purse!
Kay from Sewsouthern, makes this and other beautiful purses. I love this material, and even though I do not use this style of purse that much, I really like this! What amazing seemsstress talent. I wish I could sew that well. I can sew alright, but I hate it when the machine gets stuck! And the thread gets tangled, and you have to stop everything.

One thing I did purchase recently was this clippy kit to make hair clippies for my little one.
So cute! And it was only $8! Or something…I can’t remember. But it was cheap! A cute shop called Trimweaver is your one stop source for all things trim related. I love that shop!
I also love glittersniffer, where you can get really cool handmade eyeshadows and cosmetics.
Anything else?

I did also buy some cute stamps from mycraftymind, to make these beautiful cards! It’s a set of ten birthday cards, or party invitations, for which I am also willing to customize for you.
Cute, eh?
They are of course, for sale at my etsy shop.
That’s all for now.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off…