New Items, new ideas

by thecraftaholic

So some of you may know that I have a meet up group, where I offer craft classes and workshops of all sorts.
But recently, I got the idea that perhaps some of you may want to attend a class, but maybe don’t live nearby. Enter my new idea: virtual workshops!
Now I am offering the following virtual workshops:

1. Dream Box Making
Curious about the Law of Attraction? This is the perfect class to take! You will learn about the Law of Attraction, and receive my ebook, “Dream Boxes & The Law of Attraction”, and a box for you to alter! I will also include a few things to use in making your box such as glitter, buttons, and other notions.
You’ll be applying the principles you learn with this hands on class, where you will alter an ordinary box.

2. Dream Journal Making
This class will empower you to learn more about the power of words in your life. Learn how to express through written words, what you want in life!
You will receive my ebook, “Dream Journal making & The Law of Attraction”, and a hand bound journal made by me!

Other classes are coming soon!
Interested in taking one of these two classes? Send me a convo via my Etsy Shop or via Twitter!