Bottlecap Jewelry

by thecraftaholic

So most of you may know that I’m a stampin up demo. I mostly do it for me, cuz I like me a good discount.
Every month, the team in my area meets up and we make cool trinkets for each other, which we swap. This month I actually found myself with time enough to dedicate to making a really cool swap!
So I was in a quandary as to what to make. I asked my friend Tammy for some inspiration, and started browsing the internet for ideas.
I found this website called Casa Corazon, and fell in love! I totally wanted to make these! I am so inspired, that I bought some bottle caps online and am going to work on them today.
I am so excited! The only thing is that I have to make *gasp* 14 of them!
I am going to ask my dearest to carve me a special stamp just for this!
Oh! And I should add that I found a cool tutorial online. I like a good how to, don’t you? The nice thing about that site is that there are a LOAD of other tutorials on their site, guaranteed to bring you some creative inspiration!