Beautiful Birds

by thecraftaholic

I just made these cute cards. It’s a set of 6 thank you cards.
I used a retired stampin up set of stamps, and then a hand carved stamp that my husband made for me.
It’s a beautiful bird on some lovely designer cardstock.
He just carved me a Matroyshka Doll stamp and a Buddha Stamp. If I’m really nice, perhaps he could make me a few to sell to you….
But for now, he is carving some pretty flowers for you!
Yes, that’s right. The much anticipated hand carved stamps will soon be available to you through my etsy shop!
Also, I will be working on some dolls to sell in my shop made from felt. I recently made some dolls for a swap and realized how much I love working with felt!
For now though, you can purchase this lovely set of 6 cards online. Hope you like them!
Until next time, it’s the craftaholic signing off..