A Knitter’s Wallet

by thecraftaholic

So I made this wallet not too long ago. It’s a wallet that I hand sewed with felt and thread. I made this thinking of a knitting friend of mine that just loves anything having to do with yarn and knitting.
I love working with felt, and especially love embroidery and needlepoint. I always forget how much until I whip out my box of threads and start working on a new project.
I’m currently in a Matroyshka Doll swap, so I’m making a cute set of dolls out of felt. I had so much fun! I finished it in a couple days. I started it yesterday, and finished it today! I worked on it in the subway, and a lady actually asked me what I was working on! Another lady was looking at me with her daughter. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, cuz I was listening to The Beatles on my ipod.
This cute wallet is for sale on my etsy shop.
Hope you like it!