Dreams and Alterations

by thecraftaholic

Recently I had a workshop where we learned about the Law of Attraction, and how we can integrate it with our daily life through a journal. As part of the class, we altered some handmade journals.
Here’s a pic of our journals, as we finished them!Mine is the one on the right. I used some crafty chica papers, and some Loteria cards I got from mexico. Cool, huh? I love the look of the mixed media.
The other girls used some papers I had from a paper stack called “Once upon a time”. I love designer papers. I have so much paper, and still cannot get enough.
I mostly love to hoard them, as I do yarn.
Speaking of yarn, it’s been a while since I buy some. I’ve been trying to work with what I have.
Inspiration has been non existent lately. Someone send me some artistic inspiration, please! I think that I’ll do some yoga today. That always helps.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic, signing off…