Oh, bee sweet…

by thecraftaholic

I don’t know how I don’t get sick of them, but I don’t.
I just made these cute little tags using the stampin up set called “Just Buzzin”.
Hubby carved out the words “Bee Sweet”, and it just makes the perfect combination here! A little bit of glitter really makes it sing.
It’s for sale in my shop.
In other news, I just got into making felt beads. I love it! Will post pics, when I’m done.
Anything else? Well I haven’t been feeling well lately. A bit lightheaded. I’m going to the doctor this week to figure it out.
Not much more to tell, really. Just that I’m so going to celebrate the lunar new year in queens this saturday!
I was going to chinatown today, but feeling as i have, I decided it best to stay home. But this weekend there is a festival in queens with a dragon and everything, so I am there!
That’s all for now.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic, signing off…