Dream a little Dream…

by thecraftaholic

So here’s a cute little album I made for my mother in law. She’s been feeling ill lately, and I wanted to make something to lift her spirits.
It’s made of a chipboard, by Maya Road. I thought that it’d be nice to use my hubby’s paints, so I painted the cover with silver acrylic paint.
Then I got some pretty papers from K & Company, some ribbons, and embellishments and stuff.
It really helps to hoard things when making a scrapbook.
She loved it, too! She did! I had bought a whole bunch of these on clearance at twopeasinabucket, so now I know how to use them!
In other news, I’ve been feeling like I want to go roller skating. I might arrange something for my meetup group to go roller skating. I have dreams of becoming a fierce roller derby queen.
I guess that one will go up there with the dream of becoming a famous song writer, filed under “perhaps”.
What else?
Well, it’s been snowing out. Looks so pretty. Kind of makes me in the mood to bake alot and make these elaborate meals. That’s the problem when you’re a regular joe-gotta wait till payday for the ingredients to the elaborate meals.
One day, I’ll be rich and famous and will afford to make expensive meals every day. The question is, will I want to?