Buddy Holly’s Guitar

by thecraftaholic

So, the question of the day is what kind of guitar did Buddy Holly play.
I just made some embellishments for my shop, from some hand carved stamps that my wonderful husband carved out for me.
One of the stamps I wanted him to make me was a cool looking electric guitar. I told him, “you know, a nice guitar, like the ones Buddy Holly used to use-a semi hollow…”, I said oh so proudly acting like I knew a thing or two about playing the guitar.
Well, I was put to shame when my dear husband rolled his eyes and informed me that in fact, Buddy Holly played a Fender Telecaster (I think, or a stratocaster).
So, that being said, he did end up making me a really cool looking guitar stamp. He also made me a ball of yarn with knitting needles. So cool!
Sorry for the crappy picture, but I took the picture at night, just for you all to see. Because I am impatient, and cannot wait until tomorow to post my blog. Of course.
Oh! And here’s a picture of the yarn stamped on paper:
That cut out is for sale on my etsy shop.
So, I am quite happy he made these for me. I’ve been asking him since before Xmas to carve me out some!
So, this weekend or next, I want to buy some more rubber, so I can really put him to work.
Tell me darlings, what should he carve out for me?