Cute Kimono

by thecraftaholic

So I made this cute Kimono card for my etsy shop. Cute, huh? I like it! I haven’t listed it yet. By the time you read this, I will have.
It was just a simple template cut out from the Far East stack of designer papers. That, a cute beaded brad, and some gold leaf around the edges make for a beautiful and simple card.
Thanks to Chia Wald, who has a really great website with loads of printable templates. The next thing I want to do is make a card like this with some glittery chalk and some something. We’ll see if it turns out alright.
In other news, I went to the Natural History Museum which was packed to the max today! Seriously, it seemed like every NYC tourist decided to go there today. But my little one had so much fun! We went around and pointed out all the animals; that is, until we got to the Native American section. For some reason, she just did not enjoy that area at all! She was scared, in fact!
Poor thing. She clung on to me for dear life.
What else? Not much happening really. I’ve been getting really bad heartburn like, every day lately. I’m sure you all wanted to know. I wonder why? Hmmm…
Hubby says it’s the coffee, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to give up coffee, so I’ll just have to stock up on ice cream to appease the burning in my stomach. I love ice cream. I’ll make any excuse to have some. Especially the Haagen Daaz pomegranate ice cream bar with dark chocolate. Yummmmmmmmm.
Anything else? Not really. It’s cold here. It was warm today, tho. It made for a nice trip to manhattan. Baby slept thru the first part, so hubby and I got to spend some time together, walking around the village, drinking coffee and eating empanadas. That’s another Yummmmmmmm.
I’m hungry. Time for a midnight snack.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off…