Card for all ocasions

by thecraftaholic

So I’ve been really inspired this Xmas season. I got some cool gifts for Christmas this year! Did you? I hope so!
I got a cool travel craft tote. Hubby got it for me for when I teach classes, so I can have a place to put it all in.
I got some cool figures for my collection, and best of all handmade paper! I am so excited about this! I got a bunch of beautiful hand made paper today as a gift to myself from my hubby, who tried and failed to find the perfect paper related gift for me just days before Xmas. That’s what he gets for waiting until the last minute, right? HA!
I was fortunate to go today to Dick Blick’s who is having a clearance sale on handmade paper cardstock and envelopes! Yay! What a gift indeed. Only seven cents a sheet!
So I made this card here, a stamp from a set entitled Snow Swirled by Stampin Up, and Stampin up silver pigment ink.
The elephant is also a stamp, but that is one my dear husband hand carved for me.
It’s in a set of three that are for sale on my etsy shop. Hope you like it!