Multi Function Cowl

by thecraftaholic

I hope you like this new one.
A beautiful and simple lace pattern gives a simple concept a new spin.
It’s knitted and sewn up together, to make it a cowl.
But it’s more than a cowl, since this baby can go over your head, to cover your ears when the cold wind really blows hard.
This is knit with a beautifully soft angora & merino blend. Amazing. It feels so yummy to knit with. This baby is actually for a swap that I’m in, with the Park Slope Knitting Circle. It’s so cute, I don’t want to give it up! But alas, I must. I’ll make more. I have plenty of yarn here at home.

Here’s a pattern for you, just because I’m cool like that.

Cast on about 27 or so sts.

Lace Pattern:

Row 1: Knit all sts
Row 2: Knit all sts
Row 3: Purl all sts
Row 4: Knit all sts
Row 5: *K1, (k2tog) twice, (yo, k1) three times, yo, (k2tog tbl) twice. Repeat from *
Row 6: Purl all sts.

Repeat rows 5 & 6 three times, then start over from row 1.

That’s it!
Just keep going, until piece measures about 42 or so inches.
Sew up the two ends, and there you go! It’s done!
Oh! About the details:
I used a beautiful yarn called “Sublime” Angora Merino wool, and it took up about 1 and a half skeins of it.
I used size 7.00 mm circular needles, but you can use straights.
Also, gauge isn’t important, since this is a lovely breathable lace.