The Walmartification of Craft

by thecraftaholic

Recently I’ve been thinking about my etsy shop. I recently changed my etsy shop, and so I’ve had to start from the very beginning.
I love making cards. For me, it’s so much fun to create layouts, and crop things, and figure out how to make one beautiful card.
There’s a beauty to taking your time with something and creating one beautiful item. Now, I’m not saying I am the best card maker out there, or that I am an expert knitter and crocheter, but I am satisfied with my work.
I see sometimes artists on etsy that have their work mass printed in a factory, and because of this, can afford to price their cards and printed products at, say, $3 a pack. So you can see how frustrating this can be for someone like me, who prices her handmade cards at $4 each. To be honest, I’ve seen some hand made cards in boutiques for $7. So, for me, $4 isn’t so bad.
I guess It’s just sad to “the walmart effect” in the craft world.
On another note, I’m getting ready for xmas. I’m busy making all sorts of things for xmas gifts. Will post pictures soon.
Until next time, it’s the craftaholic signing off…