Lacey Mohair Cowl

by thecraftaholic

Hey there friends!
I’m feeling so festive, what with it being the holiday season and everything. I’ve decided to post a pattern to a cowl that I recently finished!
I have it for sale on my etsy shop.The picture does not do it justice! It’s such a cute cowl! The lace is sort of a ribbed lace, and it’s simple enough even for beginners.

You’ll need:

About 2 skeins of Moonlight mohair yarn (Lion Brand Yarn Co.)
Size 15 (10.00 MM) needles, or larger, depending on your personal preference
Crochet hook, about 4.5mm or 5.00 mm or darning needle

So obviously gauge doesn’t matter for this pattern. It’s lacey, so the larger, the bigger (or whatever) the lace pattern.

Cast on 34 st.
Row 1-Knit

Row 2- Purl

Row 3-K1, yo, k2tog

Row 4-Purl

For lace pattern, repeat rows 3 and 4.
That’s it!
You can do this as long as you want. For a cowl, you should measure yourself. I like my cowls to kind of drape a bit and not be too tight, so for me, the cowl measured 25 inches. You can make it as long or short as you like.
At this point, cast off.
Once you’re done, just sew the seems together either with a darning needle, or you can crochet the two seems with a crochet hook, as I did.
All I did was a simple slip stitch.

I hope you like this simple pattern! It’s my first one!