Making a Dream Box

by thecraftaholic

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What is the Law of Attraction? If you are at all familiar with it, you know how powerful this principle is.

If not, here goes.
The Law of attraction. It’s a powerful thing!

We can attract positivity to ourselves in many ways. But the law of attraction is more than that. It’s about realizing the things we do, and how our everyday actions can cause shifts in the universe to bring us what we want. But then, what happens when we are down? Do we also attract negative vibrations to ourselves?

The answer is yes. We do. Think about when you are having a bad day. Doesn’t it seem to be murphy’s law that everything that can go wrong, does? This is the law of attraction at work. That is what happens when you align yourself with your emotions.

Emotions play a very big part of it all. Controlling our emotions isn’t about keeping it all bottled up inside. Controlling our emotions is really about dealing with what is festering inside of us, and addressing those issues. Dealing with them, not ignoring them. Not wallowing in the emotional aspect of our issues-for example, if I’m sad about my brother’s death, I’ll address the grief, and express it; not wallow in self pity.

Another principle in the law of attraction is the idea of having faith. Faith is ever so important. Why do we need it? Faith keeps us going; it keeps us focused on an idea or goal we may have for ourselves. It keeps us aligned.

Faith can be displayed in many aspects.

A dream box is one powerful way to help encourage your faith, and activate your goals. The Law of attraction states that we must tell the universe what we need and want, so that we can then receive it. How can we tell the universe what we want? Through our desires, our needs, our emotions, our speech and our words. The words we write and the words spoken are powerful ways to align ourselves with the law of attraction. Watch your speech! Be mindful of the negative things you speak over yourself and others.

A dream box makes it so that we are using our creativity and our mind to align ourselves with our desires. We are using art and actions to create our desires into reality. That is the Law of attraction.

Says Tristan Loo from the Synergy Institute, “Proper goal-setting requires specific and consistent visualization to activate the law of attraction to work for you. There are numerous tools for goal visualization such as the vision board, goal cards and journaling. A rather unique and fun tool that can help you with your visualization process is by making what is known as a Dreams Box, which is a personal treasure chest of all your goals that you have in life that you keep handy and that you can hold and visualize each goal that you put into that box.

The purpose of creating your dreams box is that it serves as a powerful visualization tool that reinforces your goals and objectives that you are currently working on. At the scientific level, your Dreams Box will help program the reticular activating system in your brain to focus and filter those things, people and opportunities that might aid you in the attainment of that goal. This is also known as a the Law of Attraction.”

So then, the first step is to find a pretty box that appeals to you, to use as a dream box. It can be as small or as big as you wish. But remember that your box will be filled with items that symbolize your dreams and goals and desires.

Recycle old magazines to clip out words and images. Try to get a good selection of magazines, so you can have a nice variety of clippings, pictures, etc. Next you should cut out the pictures and words that embody your dreams and desires.

Glue them onto your box! The next part is fun. Just decorate your box with images and words that really say who you are, and what you want out of your life and your future. As you do this, keep picturing what you want in your life. Imagine your dreams coming true. Remember that the law of attraction doesn’t need to know how it will happen. You need not concern yourself with how it will happen, but that it will happen.

Your dream box is a sacred thing, that should be treated as sacred. Never put things bills, or correspondence on top of your sacred box. This box is an embodiment of your dreams and goals, and so, you should treat it as such.

Once your box is decorated on the outside, fill your box inside with things that embody what you want. Let’s say you want new opportunities-place a key inside, to symbolize a key to open doors.

If you want love, cut out a heart of paper, or place a red rose petal inside to symbolize true love.

You can place crystals in your box, based on what desire or need you may have.

Below is a list of crystal correspondences.

Stones and Crystal Correspondences

Amber Protection, magickal workings, solar energy (fire)

Amethyst Dreams, astral work, relieves stress, imagination, meditation (air)

Aquamarine Divination, relaxation, protects from drowning, creative imagination, removes blockes energy (water)

Aventurine Prosperity, abundance, fertility, optimism, healing old emotional wounds (earth)

Beryl Scrying, crystal gazing, intellect (air)

Bloodstone Confidence, strength, control over your life, luck (fire)

Blue Lace Agate Feminine energy, peace, soothes headaches, relaxation (water)

Carnelian Intuitive talents, astral travel, sexual energy, prevent miscarriage (fire)

Chrysocolla Balances emotions, relieves depression, emotional healing (water)

Citrine Healing, increased physical energy, hope, encourages new beginnings (fire)

Emerald Love, protects against violence, communication (earth)

Fluorite Creativity, mental abilities, meditation, astral travel, confidence, inspiration (air)

Garnet Passion, courage, fertility, prosperity (fire)

Hematite Absorbing and grounding negative energy, healing, balances energy flow (earth)

Jade Long life, prosperity, dragons, good fortune, health and longevity (water)

Jet Protection, divination, Goddess energy (earth)

Labradorite Imagination, releasing inhibitions, self-confidence, communication with spiritual beings (air)

Lapis Lazuli Psychic protection, love, peace of mind (water)

Malachite Good fortune, busines success, protection from accidents (water)

Moonstone Lunar energy, psychic matters, clarity of thought (water)

Moss Agate Plant magick, new friends, reveals deceit (earth)

Obsidian Inner strength, protection (earth)

Onyx Protection, hope, endurance, acquiring knowledge (earth)

Peridot Astral work, protection from nightmares, emotional healing, inspiration (earth)

Quartz Focusing energy for any purpose (air)

Red Jasper Passion, blood magick, protection from nightmares (fire)

Rose Quartz Love, friendship, joy, self-healing (water)

Sodalite Courage, intellect, creativity, protection on journeys (water)

Tiger Eye Protection, balance, mediation, starting new business (earth)

Turquoise Protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation, divination (water)

A good tip when adding crystals to your box, is to write down the name of the crystal, along with the corresponding attributes.

You can add herbs in a medicine bag or sac within your box. You can crochet or sew a pretty sac yourself and add herbs that also embody your wants and desires.

Below is a list of herbal correspondences.

Herbal Correspondences

Agrimony Protection, banishes negative energy, sleep(air)

Allspice Prosperity, courage, energy, strength (fire)

Almond Money, wisdom (air)

Angelica Protection, exorcism, health, meditation, divination (fire)

Asafoetida Exorcism, banishing (fire)

Basil Mend quarrels, sympathy, happiness (fire)

Belladonna Astral travel, flying ointments (water)

Benzoin resin Prosperity, astral projection, purification (air)

Betony Protects against nightmares and despair (fire)

Blessed Thistle Protection, cleansing, remove hexes (fire)

Borage Psychic abilities, financial gain

Broom Used to bless weddings, weather magick, besoms (air)

Burdock Cleansing, protection (water)

Carnation Feminine energy, healing, strength (water)

Cedar Home purification, good fortune, luck (fire)

Chamomile Love, meditation, peace (water)

Cinnamon Energy, creativity, passion (fire)

Cloves Banishing, love (fire)

Copal resin Purification, cleansing (fire)

Damiana Love, lust (fire)

Dill Money, luck, protection (fire)

Fennel Protection, healing (fire)

Frankincense resin Exorcism, purification, spirituality (fire)

Galangal Psychic abilities, luck, money (fire)

Gardenia Love, peace, healing (water)

Ginger Success, courage, strength (fire)

Hazel Divination, psychic abilities, dreams (air)

Heather Peace, beginnings, weather magick (water)

Hemlock Purification, cooling emotions (water)

Holly Protection, luck (fire)

Honeysuckle Healing, love, creativity (earth)

Horehound Protection, exorcism, mental clarity (air)

Hyssop Purification, repel negativity (fire)

Jasmine Dreams, sexuality (water)

Juniper Cleansing, purifying, love charms (fire)

Lavender Love, sleep, dreams, meditation, protection (air)

Lemon Friendship, love (water)

Lemongrass Psychic abilities (air)

Lilac Protection, divination (water)

Marigold Legal matters, dreams, divination (fire)

Mandrake Protection, love, health (fire)

Meadowsweet Love, peace (air)

Mint Healing, prosperity, creativity (air)

Mistletoe Protection, fertility, exorcism (fire)

Mugwort Psychic abilities, divination, protection (earth)

Myrrh resin Purification, healing, spirituality (water)

Nettle Protection, passion (fire)

Orange Happiness, joy, purity (fire)

Orris Root Love (water)

Patchouli Money, lust, fertility (earth)

Pine Prosperity,fertility, healing (air)

Rose Love, healing, friendship (water)

Rosemary Cleansing, purification, exorcism (fire)

Rue Banishing, protection (fire)

Sandalwood Spirituality, exorcism, healing (water)

Star Anise Protection, psychic awareness, repels evil spirits (air)

Thyme Sleep, protection, courage (water)

Tonka Beans Good luck (water)

Valerian Love, sleep, protection (water)

Vanilla Lust, love, courage (water)

Vervain Love, prosperity, sleep, healing, creativity (earth)

White Sage Purification, repels negativity, wisdom (air)

Wormwood Scrying, divination, exorcism (fire)

Yarrow Love, psychic abilitites, banishing (water)

The color of your medicine bag, should of course, correspond with your specific need or desire. Here’s a list of color correspondences.

Color Correspondences

Red Love, passion, sexuality, courage, strength, vitality

Blue Wisdom, spirituality, understanding, inspiration, friendship, sincerity, harmony

Green Money, financial matters, employment, success, abundance, prosperity

Orange Prosperity, encouragement, abundance, justice, luck, legal matters

Yellow Communication, confidence, learning, mental abilities, happiness, concentration

Pink Friendship, relaxation, happiness, affection

Brown Earth energy, animals, grounding

Purple Spirituality, psychic abilities, meditation, mental healing, personal growth, tranquility

White Purity, peace, lunar energy, spirituality, for use with any purpose

Black Grounding, meditation, banishing, endings, protection

Now that you know about color correspondences, you can also incorporate that into your box even more, by adding a pink ribbon for a new friendship, or a purple ribbon for healing.

You can write the amount of money you may need to pay off a specific bill, on green paper.

The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination, and fill your box with your desires.

Revisit your box every so often-at least once a week, and remember you can always add and take away things that come and go in your life.

The only thing that doesn’t change is that life always changes. So your box is never truly finished. You will always be adding or taking away. But remember that it is the embodiment of you and your desires.

*Thanks to Pythorium for the Correspondences.

*Thanks to Tristan Loo for his interesting article on making a dream box.