Back in the Saddle, Again…

by thecraftaholic

After a long period of being on a crochet whim, I’ve gone back in the knitting saddle again. I go thru periods where I get sick of doing one thing or another, but one thing I never get sick of, is knitting. I don’t. I just whipped out my knitting books, but to be honest with you, I like creating my own designs.
What I have to do from now on, is write down my patterns. Like perhaps I’ll write down the pattern for this lovely creation:Cute, huh? I added a pretty lace pattern at the bottom, give it a nice little something. I like it! I used the Paton’s Divine Yarn on some circular needles. Cowls are so much fun to make. They are so easy! I’m going to try another one.
Lately I’ve been playing around with other knitting patterns. Well, not really patterns, but like…lacey things, ribbey things, etc. I am getting sick of just plain stockinette.
Who knows, I might even try doing a…*gasp*…cable! Holy cow!
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off…