What about the hookers?

by thecraftaholic

Seriously, sometimes I just feel left out. I went to the opening of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio (which, by the way, I think is highly over rated), and looked at their pattern books. I was saddened to see only one real book of crochet patterns. All the rest is knit! Which begs the question: what about we hookers?
I mean, I like to knit. And I have a nice collection of knitting needles. But what about crochet? The annoying thing is looking through pattern books and finding a crochet pattern only to see that it is completely ugly and unfashionable. I mean really. Granny squares?
I also think that if a company like Lion Brand Yarn wants to move into this century, they need to start carrying alpaca yarn. And silk yarn.
Come on. Someone has to write a book with real patterns that real people like to hook. I mean, I have a couple books here at home, but really. I get so sick and tired of buying a whole book, only to be able to use a couple patterns out of the whole book.
A good alternative is the free patterns. I love ravelry for free patterns. Crochetme.com is another good one. And Crochet Patterns Central.
I’ll compile a list of favorite books tonite for you. I have a few favorites. Ironically, Lion Brand has alot of cool patterns on their site for crochet. Weird, right?
Someone needs to compile a book off of the free patterns out there, and put them all together.
That’s what I think.