Lovely Trees Christmas card Tutorial

by thecraftaholic

Like it? I made it, I made it!
I love this cute card. I made a green one and a blue one that is for sale on my etsy shop. It’s pretty easy to make.
Here’s a quickie tutorial.
You’ll need:
Green/Blue Card Stock
Old Olive/Tentation Turquoise ink from Stampin’ Up
Silver Pigment ink
Snowflake stamp (also by Stampin’ Up) from the Merry & Bright Set
A few baby wipes (about 3 or so)
some plastic wrap
A hand carved tree stamp -you can carve your own, or purchase one from Etsy

So, once you’ve got your card stock, you’re going to want to fold it, and make it look like a plain card.
Fold it up, baby!
You need to make sure your card stock is the same color as your ink. So if you have blue ink, get some blue card stock, etc.
On a few folded up baby wipes, add several drops of ink (make sure you put it on top of some plastic wrap, so as to not make a mess)
This is going to be your ink pad. Get your tree stamp, and stamp up two nice rows of trees at the bottom of the card.
Next, you are going to get your silver pigment ink and your snowflake stamp, and make some snowflakes on the top of your card, to look like pretty snowflakes falling on your trees.
Voila! You’ve got yourself a nice looking Christmas Card.
I hope you like this tutorial.
Let me know about your own card adventures! I’m always looking for artistic inspiration.
What else? Oh! My adventures with my meetup group have lead me to a very neat new workshop. I’m going to be teaching a workshop on making your own handmade herbal soap. Nice, huh? I’m excited.
Hopefully, lots of people will sign up, and we’ll make tons of soap and make a huge mess for my dearest husband to clean up! LOL
I hate cleaning up after an event, don’t you? Sucks. It’s like having a hangover. Just lingers there like a reminder.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic, signing off.