Gold Leaf Tutorial

by thecraftaholic

Hello folks!
It’s my first tutorial, and what better way than by showing you how to make cards using gold leaf paint.
Gold leaf can be found in most hardware stores, and costs about $3. It smells god awful, and should be used in a well ventilated area. I used the bathroom. It pretty much stinks up the place, so be warned. A good idea would be to use a fan and have the windows open.
You will need:
Card stock
Gold Leaf Paint
a Couple paintbrushes-one thin for lines, one a bit thicker for filling in
A rubber stamp
A Pigment ink pad (as opposed to using regular ink)-this can be purchased thru stampin up
Fold the cardstock, as you would for a nice notecard.
The next step is to draw a cloud out of pencil onto your card. This is where the cloud would go.
Here’s a template for you, in case you need it.
The next step is to fill in the cloud with gold leaf. So here, what I do is go over the lines with a thin brush, then fill in the cloud with a thicker brush.
Your cloud should look a little like this:

The next step is, you guessed it, stamping up!
Remember to use pigment ink, not just a regular ink pad. Only the pigment ink will show up nicely. I use black, because it looks more classic that way. But as long as you use pigment ink, it can be any color you wish.
My husband makes me hand carved stamps, and we are actually looking to list a few on our etsy shop, Sweet Buddha Designs. So that’s what I use. You can use any sort of stamp you wish, but I would try and use a stamp that is not too small. Try to center the image on the cloud.
Once it’s stamped up, it should look like this:Like it? I hope you do!
And I hope you like this tutorial! I’ll be posting more as time goes by.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off. ..