Name Change!

by thecraftaholic

So I’ve decided to change the name of my etsy shop. It’s been a long time coming.
I changed it from Palmarosa Hand Crafts to Sweet Buddha Designs. I feel like the new name really embodies what I see myself accomplishing as an artist. I don’t want to feel limited, just because…well, being who I am, I like to feel free at all times. So with this new name, I feel like I’m not limited to a “craft” item.
I like it also because the name is actually quite inspirational, considering I love and collect hindu and buddhist diety figurines (catholic ones too, actually).
Oh! How cute is this? Gotta love Martha Stewart. I went to her show again a couple weeks back. Love her. The queen of crafts, for real.
Oh! And just in time for Halloween, here’s a cool treat.

I am going to make a Halloween costume for my little one. I’m going to be dressing her in a cute bumblebee dress, and making some wings, and a halo, from a child’s headband. Cute, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll have pics. I promise.
On another note, I really am bent on getting my spinning wheel, dammit! I want it. I am telling the Universe to give it to me. I am going to be offering a class on making a dream box, so in this box, I will be putting the following desires:
1. A trip to India
2. and Mexico for the Day of the Dead
3. A spinning wheel
and other things, of a personal matter.
It’s late. Hubby awaits.
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off.