Project Runway

by thecraftaholic

So, what the fuck? Why the hell did Leanne win? I so was rooting for Kenley.
The other two girls had such a crappy attitude! And Korto? What the hell?
Well, truthfully, Korto had a cool collection. I so want this dress! Cute, cute!
Someone please buy this dress for me.
Really, I was rooting for Kenley, cuz I feel like she deserved it more.
I mean really. Leanne? Korto could’ve won and I’d be happy. Actually, I wanted Korto to win, so she’d be the first African American to win Project Runway.
What the hell is this? This shit is ugly as hell! I wouldn’t be able to wear that. My nursing daughter would take a look at my tatas in that and get hunger pangs. LOL
On a side note, I think that the world would totally rock if women ruled the world. For real.