Finding your Creative Source

by thecraftaholic

How do you find your creative source?
Alt of times, we find that our source of creative inspiration is blocked.
Where does it come from in the first place? It comes from within us. Being creative is something we all can be. We can all be artistic. We all have within ourselves, an infinite source, a flow of creative inspiration and wisdom.
How can we tap into it? How can we find this source, when we so need it?
Here’s a quick exercise for you:

Write down the first five words that come into your mind. They do not need to make sense or be a sentance.
Now, take each word, and form thoughts or sentences from each of them.
If you are a painter, paint the idea you’ve written about. If you like photography, photograph that which you have written about. If you write poetry, continue writing about it. Really describe the words that you’ve written. Create a scene. Tell a story through your art.