Things I am grateful for….

by thecraftaholic

So with all that has been going on and what with the market being down, and everything…I’ve decided to try to raise the level of my vibrations, by thinking positively. It’s hard to be positive when everything around you seems to be going wrong. Yes, life can be difficult. Our challenge in life, is to find out how we can create a positive experience on this earth, while pushing through the challenges that are presented to us.
How do we do that? it is very difficult to answer this question. Meditation, yoga, and time in silent reflection help. Surround yourself with your own positivity. Do not expect your spouse or your children, or parents to surround you with positive vibes. This world is not perfect, and we often make mistakes. So we cannot expect our loved ones to live up to a standard we have for ourselves.
What we can do, is create our own heaven. Realize who and what is around you, and accept it.
Accept that your husband is a realist. Accept that your mother is critical. Accept it. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to take in their negativity. One person’s negativity is not my own. I OWN my vibes, and no one else’s. So in thinking this, I don’t have to feel upset when I learn my husband is depressed. He has his energy that is all his own. I own my own energy that is only mine.
So then, here are some things that I am grateful for:
1. The Subway Trains

I’m happy that I don’t have to rely on my car to get around. NYC gives me the freedom to be independent and not have to have to drive everywhere.
2. My daughter

It’s so amazing that creating a child could change your life so much. I never knew that I had so much to give, and so much to change within myself.
3. My yarn stash
Of course. I have 2 bins full of yarn. I need another bin. And I’m going to Rhinebeck after all this weekend! YES!!!!!! I can’t wait. I will definitely need another bin.
Too bad my hubby doesn’t understand the need to stash.
4. My knitting group
Where else could I vent about life in general?
5. My supportive family
In general, my family is quite supportive of my creative endeavors. It’s important to have that. Or else, who has your back, when you need to get up?

So that’s my vibe today. What are you guys thankful for?
Until next time, it’s the Craftaholic, signing off…