Rosemary, sweet and AC Moore..

by thecraftaholic

Well now I’m just pissed off.
I have a little front plot, as some New Yorkers do (at least those of us with a stoop). In my little plot I had some plants growing-Dalhias, Lavender, Oregano, Basil, Roses, Peppers, Tomatoes…and Rosemary.
So it being fall, I have had to bring my herbs indoors, so they won’t die in the harsh winter or fall weather. Plus, it’s nice having plants inside the apartment. It came time to get my plants, and I figured that since my Rosemary plant was missing, perhaps my Mother in Law (who lives downstairs) must have taken it inside her apartment.
Can you believe that someone actually stole my Rosemary plant? Fucking fuckers! I can’t believe it. I am so pissed off.
I can’t believe that I live in a city with people that are so low class, they will steal a plant. A fucking PLANT! Now, really. I can understand a bike, or something. Or something of more financial worth. But a plant? How could you STEAL something that’s a part of mother earth? Well, if they are that low, may the plant bring them blessings.
Moving on, I am on my way to AC Moore in queens. I went apple picking yesterday, and of course, made a pit stop in AC Moore in NJ, and got a coupon for 50% off anything! My sister, who came with me, also got one. So she gave me hers. Now I have two coupons! YES! I’m off to the Craft Store.
Until next time, it’s The Craftaholic, signing off…
And be careful with your plants, people….you may want to lock them up…