Miss Stamps A Lot

by thecraftaholic

So, of course. I love to make cards. For me though, it’s an art. I love combining different colors, and using watercolors with stamps, and collaging my cards. I love that my husband carves out these awesome images for me to use in card making.
I do tho, on occasion, use factory made stamps. I’m not a snob, but I hate for my cards to look too generic. So I’m picky with what stamps I use. I love the look of an artistically made card. Not a card that looks like you bought it from a kit or something. You know?
Anyway, I just ordered a bunch of stamps and stuff from stampin up. I actually just signed up to become a demonstrator. Not because I think I’m going to conquer the world thru stamps, but because hey. I’m a mom with a limited income, and they do offer me a discount. And actually, they have some nice stuff. I got some cute owl stamps that I can’t wait to get. I love owls. I’m obbessed with them! My hubby actually also made me a owl stamp. It’s cute.
I also am going to have him make some cool Day of the Dead stamps. I want a skull, and a Bride and Groom (of course, both Day of the Dead themed). Yay!
What else has been happening? Well, I have a workshop coming up on cardmaking. I’ll be showing a few cool cardmaking techniques, and showing off my stamp collection-hand made and mass made.
I also have a show n’tell craft night that I’m hosting. We’ll see if it pans out.
I saw this cool watercolor set at Pearl Paint! I want it! It was only like….I dunno. Less then $20, for sure.
I like using watercolors with stamps and stamped images.
I might be going to florida with my hubby, to visit the ‘rents. I need a vacation desparately. Also, I love the thrift stores out there.
Other than that, there is not much to report.
So until next time, it’s the Craftaholic signing off.