The Epic Saga of the Spinning Wheel…

by thecraftaholic

Alright, so I’ve decided to put the spinning wheel on hold. Although I really want one, I’m not exactly the richest person in brooklyn.
Also, I want to see one project thru at a time. I am so bad at finishing projects. I am notoriously starting projects, and not seeing them through.
Currently, I’m really into stamps and cardmaking. I even sell craft supplies online now! But they are massed produced. It would be nice once in a while to make my own carved stamps. So I’m off to Pearl Paint today, to get some rubber.
Well, I should mention, that my hubby is actually going to be the one to carve images for me. I am just coming up with the designs.
My plan is to make some stamps to sell on my etsy shop, and to use in making stamped canvas bags. I already bought the fabric paint.
I have a few designs that I want him to make for me.
I guess that’s the good thing about being married to an artist, huh? You can put him to work for you!
All this has come from a very cool blog from Alma, who gives a wonderful tutorial for making your own stamps out of rubber.
Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration, Alma!
Cheer genius.