Crocheted Jewelry and Writer’s Block…

by thecraftaholic

So I’ve been on a quest to make some crocheted jewelry. I found a link on crochet pattern central, that links you up with a bunch of great patterns.

And I went to Save a thon, on flatbush avenue. I wonder why there aren’t enough craft supply stores in brooklyn? I wish there were a huge AC Moore here. Or a Joanne’s.

So back to my quest for crocheted jewelry. I bought a book, called “Crocheted Jewelry”. It’s alright. I have a couple ideas from the book. It has a bunch of patterns that call for a hairpin lace loom, which I really don’t feel like buying.

I’ve been making felt wallets, here’s a pic of one of them.

Like it? It’s a ball of yarn, with a set of knitting needles! Fun, huh? I made a couple of other ones, but I’m having scanner issues. What else can I say?

I can’t wait for Rhinebeck! I plan on bringing tons of cash to spend on lovely yarn and maybe…just maybe…a spinning wheel! I really want one. Anyone feel like donating a little cash to my Rhinebeck fund?

I’m a little stressed out. It’s not easy being mommy. My husband is home more often now, so actually it’s a little annyoing. I like being alone, and this is now close to impossible with him home all the time. Ugh.

So, I have writer’s block also. I really do. I want to write. I want to! But my husband and daughter see to it that I do not. They are always around! Both of them! So I never get a chance, when she’s napping to truly be alone and reflect and write. My time is spent just being a supportive wife. Even if he’s working on something. He’s there. It’s annoying. I need to be alone and clear headed to write.

So here’s my plan-I’ll go out one of these days. I’ll go out and I’ll bring my journal. People watching is such inspiration for writing.